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We offer design and OEM/ODM services to bring your creative visions to life. Our design and development team work closely with you to ensure that new sketches can be delivered to you within 24 hours of your request.

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Before we begin the design process, customers can provide a simple brief with a concept you have in mind. It can be as simple as a few pictures of designs you like to show the look you are going for or a complete product brief that includes photos, weight and stone requirements, and price expectations. The more details provided the better. We then take your brief and come up with a design mood board prepared with color schemes & stone selections which are used to prepare preliminary sketches for you.


Once the aesthetic of the jewelry is finalized, our designers get to the real work. Sketches are done by hand with aid of design illustrator programs by our team of professional jewelry designers with years of experience. The sketches are then sent to you and if revisions are required then the designers will submit their revisions to you in a timely process.


Upon confirmation of the sketches, the CAD (Computer Aided Design) designers use specialized software to create 3D digital models of your jewelry. Our CAD designers are specially trained in creating the 3D files while maintaining an equal balance of design aesthetic and technical CAD skills. They work directly with the design team to creatively interpret 2D drawings into 3D CAD models whilst making modifications required for production along the way. In this process we are able to create photo-realistic CAD renders where we are able to view the jewelry from every angle and send to you, the client to check.

3D CAD Printing

Once the CAD renders are checked by the sampling production manager and then confirmed by the customer, the 3D files are used to print the master models in castable resin. The castable resins are then used to cast a silver mould which is finished by our in-house modelmakers. Our CAD printers run a few times a day ensuring that all customers get their sample prototypes quickly.

Silver Master Model Finishing

The silver master models are then buffed and perfected by our modelmakers and stone setters who ensure that the master model is ready for mass production. In the past, all of our master models were made from hand by this same team of modelmakers. With all the advances in CAD/CAM technologies in the past decade, the majority of our master models are now created in CAD however, for intricate and delicate designs, our team of goldsmiths & model makers remain the heart of our product development team.

Your Finished Jewelry Design

The samples are then produced in a dedicated sampling department and then shipped off to you for approval for bulk production. The development process can be challenging but with our well experienced team, you can count on a quick and hassle free communication and execution by our product development team.